Version 6.0

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New Hero: Ogun, The Crimson Archer.
- Active Skill: Berserker - While in Beserk Mode, the Crimson Archer will attack twice faster, will gain 100 move speed, will be able to attack every close enemy at once and will be unable to die
- Fire Arrows: they burn the target for 3s, inflicting 33% damage of base attack every seconds. Every 3 levels, another burn can be applied to the target, damaging it even more and adding 1 extra second of burning.


- The Arbalest:
    - Explosive Arrow will now also apply Burn damage.
    - Improved speed gain from 1.5 to 2
    - Improved base attack from 8 to 9
- The Dark Mage:
    - HP gain improved from 3 to 5
    - Base attack improved from [5, 8] to [6, 10]
- The Frost Archer:
    - Base HP reduced from 100 to 85
    - Blizzard:
        - Base duration increased from 3 to 6
        - Duration gain decreased from 0.7 to 0.2
        - Cooldown increased from 60 to 75
- The Mesmer:
    - Base HP reduced from 90 to 85
    - Fixed Charm attack speed bonus applying to Lanaya at EL3.
- The Replicant:
    - Base HP reduced from 60 to 50
- The Phantom:
    - Base speed improved from 120 to 200
    - Speed gain reduced from 2 to 0
    - Base attack reduced from [10, 30] to [10, 20]
    - Attack gain reduced from [1, 10] to [0, 5]
    - Global Assassination: next attack bonus reduced from 1000% to 400%
- The Tank:
    - Expensive Armor passive - added a new effect: improves base HP of units by 10%. Stacks with Blessing of the Turtle.
- The Valkyrie
    - Active Skill cooldown reduced from 250 to 215
- The Wizard:
    - Attack speed improved from 1.7s to 1.55s
    - Base attack reduced from [15, 20] to [12, 17]
    - Attack Gain reduced from [2, 4] to [1, 3]
    - Structure damage bonus reduced from 500% to 300%
    - Teleport will now curse Nirv for 30 seconds (cumulative).


- Units will now be more reactive when an opponent is passing by them
- When a normal unit defeats a hero, it will be promoted: current HP will be equal to max HP * 2 and attack will be improved by 5. It can only happen once per units.
However, defeating a promoted unit will grant twice more gold.
- Fights between two units that don't belong in Player's team will not grant gold anymore


- Merchant now requires at least one Archery


- Improved AI Hero decision making at level 7 or more: they will retreat sooner unless frozen or about to defeat their target
- On higher difficulty levels, AI will use skills more often
- Desert Map, difficulty 10: fixed Golden Archer walking through the center
- Dark Mesmer will now alway use Charm as soon as available
- Killing an AI hero will now make them loose more gold


    - Fixed all known desync issues for clients
    - Moved Global Chat at the top of the screen so the keyboard doesn't hide the content
    - Fixed units sometimes not dying when the killer dies at the same time as his target


- Heroes who stay very close to their King will now heal 3 HP per seconds
- Structures will now be burning when about to be destroyed
- Structures will now have an explosion effect when destroyed
- Improved Main Menu fire particles
- When a non global skill is used, heroes will not warn about skill usage anymore
- The Helper can now be killed if charmed even in low difficulties
- In construction mode, structures will not instantly move anymore to avoid mistakes. (need to touch for 100ms or more)
- Added a warning when cancelling custom mode
- Reduced saved file size
- Some heroes now have a very small percent chances to say something when using their active skill.
- Mages will not wield their staffs reversed anymore when aiming at a certain direction
- On high difficulties, AI will get a very small experience bonus over time
- Golden and Divine Archers will have a slower animation when walking
- Attacker Theme will no longer play for difficulty 11


- Fixed AI being able to build Golden Archeries when it doesn't have 2 merchants
- Fixed attackers sometimes spawning with very few HP
- Fixed AI heros sometimes attacking themselves when fighting Nirv The Wizard
- Fixed a bug that would happen if the Helper is Charmed and current hero is Mesmer
- Fixed fountain effect staying forever on Charmed units and illusions
- Fixed structure positionning arrows not displaying properly on some devices
- Fixed weather select button appearing multiple times when changing map in custom game
- Fixed save crashing (experimental)
- Fixed Helper not healing when retreating and sometimes being very slow
- Desert map: fixed structures not being able to be placed to the max west and east positions
- Fixed units that could be stuck in structures when AI rebuild them
- Fixed AI mages / golden archer not moving anymore inside an enemy base when no structures remain
- Fixed Arbalest's skill not working if requested right at the start of the game
- Fixed Emperor attacking allies when aiming for enemies on 2v2
- Fixed some visual issues with Emperor when targetting
- Fixed The Helper's stats being displayed on the ground when quitting and relaunching a game on another difficulty
- Fixed bow particles sometimes still appearing after a unit dies
- Fixed AI not building a second merchant on north east base of Village map

01-15-2017: Version 6.0b:

- Fixed units sometimes stuck behind structures
- Fixed heroes health appearing even when dead after loading a game
- Fixed defenders position being off-map sometimes
- Fixed Replicant AI keeping focus on his new controlled troops
- Dark Mesmer will now stay in her base for the first minute on difficulty 11