Ogun, The Crimson Archer

Weapon : Fire Bow.

Its projectiles inflict burn damage on enemies.

Burn deals 33% of damage every seconds and usually last 3 seconds.

Stats :
HP 90
HP Gain +16
Attack [13, 16]
Attack gain [2, 4]
Speed 90
Speed Gain +0.8
Range 100
Attack speed 0.95 s


Active skill : Berserker

While in Beserk Mode, the Crimson Archer will attack twice faster, gain 100 move speed, will be able to attack every close enemy at once and will be unable to die.

Duration : 6
(+ 6)

Fire Arrows

Burns the target for 3s, inflicting 33% damage of base attack every seconds. Every 3 levels, another burn can be applied to the target, damaging it even more and adding 1 extra second of burning. On lava maps, burn duration improved by +50%. On snowy maps, arrow slow duration is reduced by 50%. Burns can be instantly cured by Healing Foutains.

Fire Wall

Basic defenders are able to partially use Fire Arrows.

Extra Target

Improves with EL

At Evolution Level 2, the Crimson Archer will be able to fire an arrow to another enemy if close enough. 5 targets at once are possible at EL3.