Update version 5.8

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New content :

- New Hero : Syalla The Dark Mage
    - Dark Wand :
        - Unit touched by a dark spell will +50 damage for 2 seconds. EL2: can stack 2 times (unit will receive +125% damage). EL3 : unit will receive +237% damage.
        - Cursed units will not be able to heal themselves.
        - The wand works like regular wands : it can attack multiple targets and aim at structures
    - Nosferatu : half of the damages inflicted by the Dark Mager will heal her
    - Active Skill : Global Curse : Every enemy units except heroes and kings are forever cursed

- Merchant : You can now buy levels up from merchants.
    - First level : 750 gold
    - Second level : 1500 gold
    - Third level : 3000 gold
    - Fourth level : 6000 gold
    - Fifth level : 12000 gold
    - 6+ level : 15000 gold per levels

    Mesmer's gold bonus will also apply here.

- New unit : attacker.
    Just like defenders, they share the Hero's main weapon. They will also spawn with the hero's current max HP and attack.
    Every units defeated by an attacker will grant 5 times more gold than a regular unit.
    They will always critical hit the enemy king and the damage they receive from him will be halved.
    They do not grant gold to the enemy upon death.
    Five of them are automatically summoned after 20 of your units have been defeated by an enemy king.
    Attackers' summon gauge is visible under King's health bar.

- When placing structures : there is now a small grid which makes positionning easier. Every default structures placements were updated to accomodate that change.
- The game can now be moved to an external storage.
- Projectiles are now displayed when aiming once the attack is 50% loaded. Default position for big bows' projectiles has been readjusted
- Golden Archery : the structure has been redone to take a bit less space.
- Volcano Map : added more space in base available to build structures
- The Desktop Version is now also available for version 5.8 and is multiplayer is crossplay. (Desktop version can play online with Android).
- Slightly improved performances and stability

Balance :

- Gold Archers :
    - Damage inflicted on heroes halved.
- Arbalest :
    - Projectiles' speed increased
    - Red Spirit doesn't require EL3 anymore. It is now enabled at the start of the game.
- Mesmer :
    - Range improved from 82 to 85
- Tank :
    - Unit production time +15%.
- Wizard :
    - Base attack improved from 10-15 to 15-20
    - Attack gain improved from 1-3 to 2-4
- Reduced health of many structures :
    - Basic Archery from 850 to 650
    - Archery from 2000 to 1000
    - Hall of Defenders from 1500 to 1000
    - Strategic map from 500 to 300
    - Golden Archery from 5000 to 3000

Fixes :

- Fixed infinite cutscene that could happen when an enemy king has low HP
- Fixed the game considered as lost when the final attack comes from the player when playing as Replicant
- Fixed structures positionning sometimes preventing from placing a structure near another one while nothing was blocking the way
- Fixed structures blocking AI pathfinding when too close from each other
- Fixed difficulty settings affecting custom games
- Fixed a glitch on map selection menu when switching mode back and forth
- Fixed incorrect spawn positions
- Fixed AI building in structure in player's base when located at south west of desert map
- Fixed structure particle being dislayed infinitely if a structure is destroyed while building (high and v. high graphics)
- Fixed pathfinding issues on Small Map
- Fixed vibrations not working properly when killed by an enemy
- Fixed Sacred Projectiles having Gold Projectile's particles
- Fixed player's projectile sound not playing properly on some devices

Version 5.8b

- Fixed online crash with Arbalest

- Multiplayer :
    - Reduced desynch issues
    - Fixed games being completely desynchronized after a single player match
    - Colors now match Single Player pattern (red tint for enemies, green tint for allies)
    - Fixed Tank HP not being synchronized properly (again)

Version 5.8c (10-10)

- Fixed save corruption happening when saving while The Helper is retreating
- Changed Basic Archeries' default positions on Desert Map
- Fixed a crash on multiplayer occuring related to Arbalest (again)
- When difficulty is under 3 :
    - AI production structure build time is reduced (30% lvl 1, 20% lvl 2, 10% lvl 3)
    - Enemy attack damage reduced (30% lvl 1, 20% lvl 2, 10% lvl 3);
    - On top of that, enemy hero attack reduced by 30% when difficulty is under lvl 4
- Fixed vibrations when player is killed even when it was disabled in options
- Syalla The Dark Mage
    - Base attack improved from [4, 5] to [5, 8]

V 5.84:

- Slightly improved stability
- Fixed Healing Fountain not healing anymore when saving while current hero is defeated
- Fixed multiplayer server not responding anymore
- Improved multiplayer server stability
- Fixed Replicant clones having infinite health in multiplayer
- Fixed saved games sometimes not loading (probably)

- Tank :
    - HP Gain reduced from 200 to 100.
    - "The Giant" passive : now only works with Godrik's own troops.
- Arbalest :
    - Base speed improved from 100 to 115
    - Range improved from 100 to 115
- Mesmer :
    - Base speed reduced from 112 to 110

V 5.85 (11-13-2016):

Multiplayer :
- Added a global chat and "in global lobby" player list
- Improved connectivity, especially when host has low frame rate.
- Removed Hall of Defense

Fixes :
- Fixed The Helper's kills not giving experience to the player
- Fixed blessings not working
- Fixed Defenders going to wrong places when choosing custom positions

Misc :
- Units that can attack structures such as mages will now be more aggressive towards them when inside an enemy base
- Arbalest :
    - Attack Speed now caps to about 6 attacks / seconds (level 100)

V 5.86 :

- Fixed units not being able to move