Update IV

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Starrows version IV

v 4.03:

- Fixed "resume game" button sometimes not appearing when there's a save, and sometimes appearing when there isn't, causing crashes
- Fixed "back" button in multiplayer being slighlty off

v 4.02:

- Enemy Heroes will not loose as much gold as before on higher difficulties
- Fixed loaded games sometimes not building archers anymore
- Fixed loaded games not displaying experience properly
- Fixed enemy hero suiciding on King constantly


- Fixed experience not working anymore


Changes / Balance:

- Added a LAN mode (beta) : play with your friends in cooperation against the AI. To play this mode, you need to be connected on the same network. One device can host, and the others can join. This is still in beta and there might be some synchronisation issues. Because of this mode, the app now requires more permissions.
- Added a new Hero : Efraim, the Replica
        - Active Skill : creates a clone at current location
        - Passive Skill : everytime a unit is defeated by the Replica or a clone of himself, it will be cloned with full HP and help the replica
        - Special Weapon : magic swords. Very strong against units that have a lot of HP.
        More informations about The Replica are available in the hero selection screen. 
- Added a visual indicator that will be displayed when a unit that is outside of the player's vision is targetting him, showing the location of the danger.
- Difficulty 11
    - Player's King's attacks reduced from 25-33 to 17-25
    - Player's King cannot be healed by Healing Fountain 1 anymore
    - Rain is now slightly more apparent
- Difficulty 10 :
    - Enemy king HP reduced from 50 000 to 25 000
- Defeating a Gold Soldier will now grant x6 base units gold (was x2)
- Gold soliders' arrows won't be able to bounce twice on the same target anymore.
- Gold soldier's arrows speed slowed down
- Heroes :
    - Heroes now get more HP per levels.

    - Arblalest :
        - HP gain improved from 20 to 30
    - Frost Archer :
        - HP gain improved from 15 to 22
    - Mesmer :
        - HP gain improved from 13 to 20
        - Charmed units attack speed bonus reduced from 100% to 50%
    - Phantom :
        - HP gain improved from 10 to 15
    - Wizard :
        - HP gain improved from 10 to 15
    - Tank
        - Base HP reduced from 700 to 300
        - HP gain improved from 200 to 250
        - Attack range reduced from 200 to 150
        - "The Giant" passive skill : improved heal after killing an enemy from 30 to 100 hp
        - Attack speed slowed from 1 to 1.3s
- Weapons
    - Long bow : Range reduced from 200 to 150. Also applies to Tank.


    Structures are now more vulnerable :
    - Archery : life decreased from 3500 to 2000;
    - Basic Archery :
        - Life decreased from 1000 to 850
        - Price increased from 700 to 750
    - Golden Archery : life decreased from 10000 to 5000;
    - Hall of Defenders :
        - Price increased by 11% (price still changes depending on the difficulty)
    - Healing Foutain : life decreased from 500 to 350;
    - Healing Foutain II : 
        - life decreased from 800 to 350
        - Maximum life healed per seconds is now 100
        - Heal range increased from 50 to 100. (normal healing foutain's range is 90)
    - Wizard Tree :
        - Life reduced from 3000 to 400
        - Every new Wizard summoned will have a 0.5 - 1 damage bonus. (the 10th wizard summoned will deal between +5 and +10 extra damage.) This value is not shared between different Wizard Trees.
    - Warehouse : now also decreases heroes skills' cooldown by 20%

Graphics / sounds:

- Redesigned basic bow
- Changed particles draw priority
- Fonts are now managed completely differently, they will appear much smoother in devices with huge resolutions
- Tweaked menu buttons
- New title logo
- Golden Arrows now play a special sound when they hit a target (high graphics or above)
- Golden Arrows now play a special particle effect when they hit a target (high graphics or above)
- Golden Arrows now play a special particle effect when they are flying (high graphics or above)
- Changed blood particles slightly
- Changed healing fountain particles slightly
- Enemy's healthbar will now be displayed in red


- Slightly improved how quick saves are handled
- Fixed minimap disappearing or being displayed sometimes when it should not. (thanks Godrik)
- Probably fixed units sometimes going through wall after killing the player. (thanks Efraim)
- The game won't warn anymore about loosing progresses when there are none (like in main menu)
- Arbalest : fixed heal numbers being displayed off
- Fixed victory / defeat message not being easily readable when dead
- Fixed Defenders showing their bows only when firing a projectile


- Graphics ressources are now handled differently. Most of assets are now loaded directly at app startup. 
- Tapping multiple times on the same unit will not cancel your attack animation anymore