Syalla, The Dark Mage

Weapon : Dark Wand.

A wand of Darkness.

Will inflict the Curse status on the targeted enemy.

Cursed units will be affected the Curse status for 4 seconds : they will receive +50% damage for 3 seconds.

At EL2, if a unit is touched two times it will receive +125% damage.

At EL3, +237% after being touched 3 times.

Units affected by curse will not be able to heal.

Stats :
HP 66
HP Gain +14
Attack [7, 8]
Attack gain [2, 2]
Speed 76
Speed Gain +1
Range 120
Attack speed 1.05 s


Active skill : Global Curse

Curses every enemy units on the battlefield permanently, except heroes and kings. Cursed units will receive +50% damage and be unable to heal. Curse also reduces enemy attack by 10%, 20% and 30% at EL1, 2 and 3.


Half of the damages inflicted by the Dark Mager will heal her.


Health provided from regular Healing Fountains to the Dark Mage reduced by 50%.