Nirv, The Wizard

Weapon : Fire Staff.

Can target structures, can attack multiple enemies at once. Number of maximum targets increases with EL. Basic defenders will also use this weapon.

Stats :
HP 85
HP Gain +15
Attack [12, 17]
Attack gain [1, 3]
Speed 82
Speed Gain +1.2
Range 130
Attack speed 1.45 s


Active skill : Time stop

Slows down the time for every enemies.

Duration : 15
(+ 15)


Damage done to Nirv is reflected on his enemies, leaving him unharmed. Damage Reflected : 20% at EL1, 40% at EL2, 60% at EL3.

Last Chance

Cannot be killed when current HP is above 1.


Requires EL3

Extra Active Skill - Can teleport to the ally king at any time. However, teleporting will curse Nirv for 7 seconds (cumulative), preventing him from healing and making him receive more damage.


Inflicts 300% damage on structures.

Teaching of Rubicante

Improves with EL

Grants +50% / +100% / +200% HP to mages.