Lenneth, The Valkyrie

Weapon : Holy Bow.

Deals 50% of base damage as area damage upon impact. Cannot deal critical hits. Basic defenders will also use this weapon.

Stats :
HP 100
HP Gain +10
Attack [11, 13]
Attack gain [2, 3]
Speed 120
Speed Gain +2
Range 85
Attack speed 0.6 s


Active skill : Summon Einherjar

Spawns Einherjars next to the king.

True Sight

Can see and attack invisible units. Can see everyone's HP, including structures.

Soul of Heroes

Improves with EL

Everytime an ally defeats a Hero (illusions excluded), an Einherjar will be summoned near your king with the exact same stats. EL2: summons 2 Einherjars. EL3: summons 3 Einherjars.

Gear of Valhalla

Improves with EL

EL2: Gains 250 max HP and unlocks Holy Bow, which reduces attack speed by 0.4s (1s instead of 0.6s), improves range from 85 to 100 and grants an additional +10 attack. Reduces speed by 20. EL3: Gains an additional 750 max HP, but reduces speed by 25. Unlocks Lightful skill.


Requires EL3

Grants +100% healing.