Lanaya, The Mesmer

Weapon : Bow.

A regular bow. This is the standard weapon used by most units.

Stats :
HP 100
HP Gain +15
Attack [8, 9]
Attack gain [1, 3]
Speed 110
Speed Gain +1.7
Range 85
Attack speed 0.43 s


Active skill : Charm

The next attack will be a spell that makes all the enemies within a certain range of your target join the Mesmer's rank and make them much faster to attack. Does not work against the enemy King. At EL2, Charm now heals charmed enemies and affects allies as well. At EL3, charm boosts attack speed by 50%. (does not apply to Lanaya herself)

Gift of Gaben

Every price reduced by 30%.

Loki's Pendant

Improves with EL

Grants an extra 5/8/10 seconds of invulnerability upon spawning/respawning.


It is said that under very special circumstances The Mesmer can turn into The Great Mesmer, an extremely strong hero...