Kanja, The Chaos Mage

Weapon : Chaos Staff.

A Chaos Staff created by Kanja.

Can target structures, can attack multiple enemies at once.

Number of maximum targets increases with EL.

Basic defenders will also use this weapon.

When wielder's HP are below 50%, attack speed * 2. The bonus will grow the closer HP are to 0, with a maxmium of a x4 multiplier at 1 HP.

Stats :
HP 90
HP Gain +12
Attack [7, 8]
Attack gain [1, 2]
Speed 90
Speed Gain +1
Range 105
Attack speed 0.85 s


Active skill : Circle Burst

Summons a vortex that deals damage and freezes nearby enemies.

While the vortex is active, Kanja will be slowed down.

Last Stand

Summons Circle Burst at Kanja's location when he is defeated.

Kanja's curse

Requires EL2

Summons Circle Burst at the killer's location when Kanja is defeated.

Chaos Staff

Chaos Wizards

Wizards will use a Chaos Staff, making them attack much faster than regular wizards.