Godrik, The Tank

Weapon : Long Bow.

Long bows allow the wield to aim from very far, but they take longer to attack.

Stats :
HP 500
Attack [11, 12]
Attack gain [1, 2]
Speed 60
Speed Gain +1
Range 150
Attack speed 1.5 s


Active skill : Spirit Breaker Arrow

Sacrifices half of current HP to summon a Spirit Breaker Arrow.

Upon lading, these special arrows will make the wielder teleport to the hit location, dealing 10% of sacrified HP damage to surrounding units.

Surrounding units will also receive the Weaken status, making them only deal 25% of their initial damage. The duration varies with EL: EL1: 6s, EL2: 11s and EL3: 17s.

The weaken status can also be cured by a Healing Fountain.

The Giant

When Godrik defeats an enemy, his maximum HP will increase by 60. When an ally defeats an enemy, Godrik's maximum HP will increase by 5. If Godrik is at full health when this happens, it will also increase his current HP by 5 so he will still be at max HP.

Healing Fountain II

Can summon for free a Healing Foutain II, which is free, has a big range and can provide better healing (but won't cure status effects). Healing fountain II recovers 5% of an ally's max HP per seconds (stacks at 100)


Requires EL2

Returns every received projectiles to the enemy that fired it. After 10 consecutive attacks received, the Mirror will break and will require 10 seconds to turn back on. If an attack is received while the shield is in recovery mode, the timer will reset.

Expensive Armor

Improves base HP of units by 25%. Structure build time +15%. Loses all gold upon death. Respawns with 50% HP.

Dragon Shield

Improves with EL

At EL1, has 5% chances to block any attack. At EL2: 30%. At EL3: 65%.