Eoniz, The Phantom

Weapon : Bow.

A regular bow. This is the standard weapon used by most units.

Stats :
HP 60
HP Gain +5
Attack [18, 30]
Attack gain [2, 6]
Speed 170
Speed Gain +0
Range 50
Attack speed 0.7 s


Active skill : Global Assassination

Every ally units get a new version of their current weapon which improves their attack by 50%. Does not affect the Phantom himself. Works on the King. Disables Stealth until the next attack, which will have a 400% damage bonus. The inflicted damage caps at 5000.


Requires EL2

Can only be seen by the enemy when attacking someone. Can still be attacked by multiple-targets attacks, such as mages' fireballs.

Sonic Shadow

Requires EL3

Can teleport to anywhere at anytime.


Range +40 when HP are full.

Coup de grace

Every units killed by the Phantom will reduce current Global Assassination's cooldown: * by 2 seconds on EL1 * by 4 seconds on EL2 * by 6 seconds on EL3