Efraim, The Replicant

Weapon : Thousand Blades.

Magic swords.

They take a long time to spawn, but deal a lot of damage to single targets. Is not affected by Godrik's Mirror. Defenders will also get this weapon.\nAdditionally, once hit by a Sword the enemy will lose 5% of his current HPs. However, this will not work if the target's health is above 15%.

Stats :
HP 60
HP Gain +8
Attack [2, 2]
Attack gain [1, 1]
Speed 56
Speed Gain +0.4
Range 125
Attack speed 0.16 s


Active skill : Replica

Creates a clone of the Replicant at his current location. Shadow Clones share exactly the same stats and skills as Efraim. They won't grant gold to the killer.


For every enemy defeated by the Replicant, a copy of themselves will be created where they were standing. These clones will keep their base stats and skills. They will follow their creator and attack their targets.

Alchemist's Curse

If Efraim dies, all structures will stop producing troops for the duration of the respawn time

Blood replication

Every time Replication is used, every current clone of Efraim will have their max HP upgraded to be at the same level of the original Efraim. If the original Efraim's current HP are above the copy's current HP, the copy's current HP will match Efraim's current HP.


Requires EL3

When defeated, if a clone of Efraim exists he will take his body with his current HP and avoid death

Pegasus Boots

Grants +35 speed when HP is full.